Majority of users can have access to different functions and things in the wiki, such as editing, uploading and even reading. However, there are other groups of users who can have perform additional functions that regular users don't have the capacity to do.

Here is a list of local user groups and what they can do:


Administrators are users who have access to all restricted features of this wiki. Administrators perform special functions like:

  • Change the features and design of the wiki.
  • Can quickly rollback or undo undesirable edits such as spam or vandalism.
  • Delete pages and files.
  • Block users from editing and uploading regarding the offenses they have made.
  • Can solely have access to MediaWiki pages regarding the wikis skins, formats, and designing of the wiki.


Bureaucrats are users who are one rank higher than administrators.Bureaucrats can:

  • Still contain their admin abilities
  • Promote users into other wiki staff members.
    • This is their most notable ability. However, there is still a limit, for they cannot promote users into other ranks that Wikia Staff can promote (e.g. VSTF, Helpers, Councilors, Bots).


Moderators are users who manage threads, Forum and can delete other threads and thread replies of other users. They can also highlight threads if necessary.

Chat Moderators

Chat Moderators are users who moderate the wiki's chat. The chat moderators can:

  • Kick users as a form of (usually) final warning after giving multiple warnings to users,
  • Ban users from chat for a certain of time due to violation/s of any number of rules of chat.


Rollbacks are users who can undo edits in just the fewest number of clicks. Usually, they undo frivolous edits like spam, vandalism, and page tampering--meaning the user made an edit on a page when the page owner tells them not to.